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A successor to our epoc-making "HP-Zero" series cartridge filter, with the advanced quality and higher performance, "Eagle" is enjoying the reputation of being "Unmatched cartridge filter", thanks to its very high flow rate, very small foot-print, excellent chemical resistance and very easy maintenance.

* Complete Elimination of Leakage by Unique Molding Technology

Development of our original unique technology has realized the integral housing shell and pump parts, which eliminates leakage drastically.

* Remarkably Increased Filtration Capacity

In order to meet the demands for the higher filtration efficiency, we have improved the pump performance, achieving remarkably increased filtration flow rate.

* Very Small Foot Print

Seeking for the thorough compactness, foot-print of "Eagle" becomes smaller than "HP", realizing the installation in the very small space. (20.5% smaller than "HP" in case of EGLE-4~12)

* Various filter cartridge with wide range of micron rating is available for "Eagle" for precise filtration.
* Being composed of materials of excellent chemical and thermal resistance, "Eagle" promises you safe and rust-free, corrosion-free operation.
* Ultra-Large Model 45 is newly available.
* Four housing shell materials are available: PSF(transparent for easy maintenance), PPGF(standard), PVDF (resistant to strong acid and high temperature),PP(resistant to strong alkali)

See the difference

A)Easy Handling!

With the hinge top design (for middle and large size models) there is no need to take off the housing cover, and also, you are able to place the pressing board and nuts inside the cover.

B)Tight sealing!

Thermal contraction of filter cartridges may be seen during continuous filtration at high temperature. By introducing spring seal method (for middle and large size), improper filtration due to leakage of solution is eliminated.

C)Free from leakage!

The gasket part of housing shell and the screw connection parts of filter bottom are integrated by our unique molding technique, which results in leak-free filtration.

Materials of Construction

Parts Series A Series B Series C Series P
(1) Housing Cover PPGF PPGF PVDF PP
(2) Housing Shell Polysulfone PPGF PVDF PP
(3) Housing Bottom PPGF PPGF PVDF PP
(4) Magnetic Drive Pump PPGF PPGF PVDF PP
Gaskets Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPDM) Fluorine rubber (FKM) Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPDM)

PPGF: polypropylene + glass fiber
PVDF: polyvinylidene fluoride

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