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Nihon Filter Co., Ltd.

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Company Philosophy

Make the most of the water―

Our logo features a running river motif.
The flow of a river is constant but its water does not remain the same.
In the same manner, our company maintains its traditions while changing its products to meet the needs of the current era.

Beliefs Unchanged Since Our Foundation

We established Nihon Filter in 1955, initially producing precision filter units for plating solutions. Our company grew in-step with Japan's rapid economic development. Around this time, environmental issues related to wastewater were under scrutiny. In 1965, we developed a treatment measure to render cyanide, which was particularly problematic for its impact on rivers, harmless. In 1970, we were the first company in Japan to commercialize a new method of recycling wastewater from plating processes. This method utilized ion exchange technology from West Germany and allowed for wastewater to be converted into pure water. In 1997, we launched MICRO-FLO, a device that used our proprietary microfiltration membranes for the treatment of wastewater containing heavy metals. Our new device has been widely accepted by our customers because of its superiority to traditional coagulation-sedimentation methods.

Our motto is "Create original products that are industry firsts." We insist on uniqueness and produce all of our products in-house, without outsourcing development and manufacturing. This focus allows us to produce high levels of added value, maintain a stable financial base, and invest heavily in the development of new products, creating a positive cycle of high quality manufacturing. The goal of our unique technological capabilities is to protect and embody Japan's identity as a technological powerhouse of manufacturing. We will continue to pursue high value-added manufacturing methods through the production of water filters, verifying Japan's identity.

Hiromi Hashimoto, President and CEO

Company Profile

Company Name Nihon Filter Co.,Ltd.
Established November 15, 1955
Location of
head office
2107-3, Kamiyabe-cho,
Totsuka-ku, Yokohama 245-0053, Japan
TEL 81-45-811-1531
FAX 81-45-812-5211
President and CEO Hiromi Hashimoto
Capital 98 million yen
Employee 130 members
[Water Treatment]
 Pure & Ultrapure water treatment systems, MF/UF/RO systems
[Waste Water Recovery]
 Ion exchange water recovery systems
[Precision Filter]
 All Plastic cartridge filter, Filter housing (PP, PSF, PVDF, SUS)
 Hyper-tonic magnetic drive pump, Metering pump
[Concentration & Refinement]
 Metal recovery systems, Concentration systems
[Waste Water Treatment]
 Oxidation, Reduction, Neutralization systems
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